Who Are We???

Hello!   My name is Shauna, I live in beautiful Bend, Oregon with my pain in the ass husband of 20 years (whom I love) and my beautiful daughter Isabella.  I am the Chief Smartass here at Snarky Gal Gifts and I absolutely love finding hilarious shit and creating fun gifts.

I've always been known for my sassy, sarcastic nature and my filthy mouth.  I have this little high pitched voice and sound like a little kid so my colorful language always seems to surprise people.  Part of the fun - I say!

I started this business with the goal of helping others send gifts that inspire fun and laughter.  We can all get a little uptight now and again but nothing a funny ass gift, a good friend and a little alcohol can't fix. 

It is my desire to make the gifting experience as painless as possible eliminating the need for you to run from store to store or stand in line at the post office (which is the worst)!  

Thank you for stopping by - I look forward to gifting with you!


Sarcastically Yours,

(My crazy family on vacation - taking life way to seriously)