The birth of Snarky Gal Gifts wasn't just a business idea - it was a rebellion against the mundane, a salute to sass, and an evolution from a hilariously named gift basket idea, "A Tisket A Tasket You've Been A Real Bitch Basket."

The Humble Beginnings

My journey into the gift basket/box business was anything but glamorous. Picture this: my sister and I, in our late 20s, with more dreams than sense, decided to dive headfirst into the world of gift baskets. We had no clue what we were doing, but we had a name - "A Basketful of Dreams" - and a vision of corporate thank you gifts and event goodies.

Now, let me date myself: back then, websites weren't a thing you could whip up in an afternoon. No Canva for design magic, and our internet made noises like a dying robot (hello, dial-up!). So, no website for us. We hired a designer for our first business cards and relied on local marketing and the magical power of word-of-mouth. Orders came in via phone or fax. Yes, fax. LOL.

The Side Hustle That Could

This business was the OG side hustle. I had a full-time job in healthcare and juggled the gift basket gig until I had my daughter at 34. Then, reality smacked me in the face: something had to give.

Fast forward a bit, I transitioned from healthcare to commercial property management. Loved it, but there was this nagging feeling (my inner bitch or intuition) that I needed to do something more creative. I missed the freedom of running my own show.

The Snark Awakens

It wasn't until I started reminiscing about my dream of creating funny, sarcastic baskets that the idea for a new business began to take shape. I envisioned what I wanted this new venture to look like and knew a few things had to change from my first attempt:

  • NO more actual baskets. Those things are a pain in the ass to store & ship.
  • NO, shrink wrap cellophane. I swear that shit was foraged in hell.
  • NO packing peanuts. Those little foam demons stick to everything.
  • Must have a website. Times have changed, and so had I.

When the company I worked for was sold, I found myself jobless and elated. It was the universe giving me a kick in the ass to start anew. I envisioned a fun, sarcastic, and sassy business. But then I did what many of us do - I listened to everyone else's opinions and ended up trying to please everyone. The result? A business named "Amazingly Awesome Gifts in a Box," inspired by something my daughter used to say. Cute, yes. A great business name? Not so much.

The Rebranding Revolution

I eventually realized I had strayed too far from my original snarky vision. I rebranded, refocused, and Snarky Gal Gifts was born. This time, it was all about catering to women who work their asses off and deserve to laugh at the absurdities of life. We need to embrace fun because, damn it, we deserve it.

So here I am, running Snarky Gal Gifts, where every box is a little piece of sass, humor, and joy. And it all started with a cheeky idea for a basket that gave the middle finger to the ordinary.

Hope you enjoyed the snarky ride!

Love ya, mean it!




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