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A Bi-Monthly Subscription for the Unapologetic Woman!

A box of goodies designed to celebrate your badassery with a mix of positivity & profanity!

$35.00 (every other month) +$8.00 Shipping




Subscribe and get ready to receive a box full of awesome products that are both fun & functional. Items designed to inspire laughter & joy. This is a bi-monthly gift to yourself or a fantastic gift to send to your favorite snarky gal.


Each box will contain 3 - 5 hand picked mystery items that all support a theme. Boxes will ship Bi-Monthly by the 15th of each of the following months: January, March, May, July, September, & November.


Receive your box - unbox and enjoy. If you feel like sharing your thoughts on the box that would make our hearts happy!

We highly recommend regifting or regiving if you receive an item that just isn't your cup of tea. 
It's a great way to spread some happiness & joy!

The Snarky Gal Surprise Box is a Bi-Monthly Treat to Yourself

We hope these boxes will serve as a reminder to prioritize yourself & the things that light you up!

Join Us for Some Snarky Fun

Subscribe to Reserve Your Spot
The next box will ship out on or before September 15th.


We would love for you to join our Snarky Gal Family! We are tons of fun and WHAT THE HELL is almost always the right decision.

Plus if you find that the box just isn't your cup of tea, you can cancel at anytime.

$35.00 + $8.00 shipping (every other month)


"I get a kick out of it. It's fun getting a box full of snarky happiness that I wasn't expecting. It's a little box of happiness for myself"  

Andrea M.

"Snarky Gal Subscription Box ROCKS!!! Love, love, love the new Snarky Gal subscription box! All the items are things I'll actually use, and they're delightful! Can't wait to see what's in the next one!"

Molly A.

"So much fun! Thanks for such a great experience with my first ever subscription box! I enjoyed every moment of it. From seeing it on my front porch, to opening it and putting the goods to use in my home. Thank you! "

Janelle P.


It's me Shauna! I'm the Chief Smart ass here at Snarky Gal Gifts, I run this shit show and I FREAKING LOVE IT! I love to laugh, have a sarcastic sense of humor and I think that profanity has just become part of my DNA. I'm the chick second in from the left in this picture and these are some of the beautiful faces that I love to spend time with. We have all been friends since high school & that's a long ass time considering we've been out of high school for 30 freaking years (how the hell did that happen)! I started Snarky Gal Gifts because I realized that I wasn't the only one feeling overwhelmed, stressed out & feeling like I wasn't having enough fun. There never seems to be enough hours in the day to get it all done and doing something just for the fun of it seemed to be becoming less and less of a priority. It seems like we are working more and having less time for the fun shit. My hope is that by gifting these little boxes of snarky happiness to others or ourselves that we will be reminded to prioritize fun and the things that fill our cups. It's time to put ourselves at the top of that damn to do list. Hell Yeah!


1. When will my payment come out?

Your first months payment is due on purchase. After you receive your first monthly box, your next payment will be processed on the 1st of the following shipping month. For example if you order your first box on February 25th you will be billed straight away and your subscription box will ship out around the 15th of March. The next payment would then be processed on May 1st and your box would ship out around May 15th.

 2. When will my box be shipped?

Your box will be shipped out on or around the 15th of the following months: January, March, May, July, September, & November

3. Are the items in the box returnable or exchangeable?
Unfortunately no, the items in the box are purchased specifically for your box and cannot be returned or exchanged.

4. Is there a commitment or can I cancel anytime?

No commitment. If you need to cancel your subscription please log into your account and cancel or you can contact us at Cancellation requests must be received 14 days before the next billing date (1st of the following shipping month) or you will be charged for the next box.

5. If you have any other questions please shoot us an email at We are here for you and would love to connect with you.